Since its formation in 1987, New World Track Club has been one of the nation's leading youth track & field programs for girls and boys ages 5 to 18. 

Upon the retirement last year of Head Coach, Roger Boyd, and Club Founder, W. Curtis Stitt, New World's Board of Trustees voted to dissolve New World effective December 31, 2020.  Together, Boyd and Stitt have provided over 80 years of service to young people by organizing and hosting youth track & field meets, coaching competitive track & field clubs and developing and implementing other youth track & field programs.

Over the years, New World developed fifteen national champions and New World member have also won more than 180 medals at national championships meets.  Several of its members have gone on to excel in college and professional programs in track & field and other sports.  None of that could have been achieved without the support and assistance of the many coaches, administrators, officials and other volunteers who supported New World and its leadership over the years.  Thank you to all of you who supported and contributed your time and other resources to New World and the young people we served throughout the life of this stellar program.

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